Penelope Design Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

Any other questions please feel free to email me and ask away!

what materials are the earrings and necklaces made of?

the tassels on the earrings and necklaces are made of 100% leather/suede and the fittings are 100% copper.

I have sensitive ears, are the copper fitting ok for them?

I have had a few customers with sensitive ears and some are just fine with the copper and some are not. Please let me know if you have very sensitive ears, I can use 22k gold posts instead of copper for the post. If you receive them with the copper posts and can not wear them please let me know and I will exchange the posts!

will the copper patina over time?

yes! The beauty of copper is that it will change colors slightly over time it will create a beautiful patina on the surface.

I want to give these as a gift, do you have special packaging?

Yes! Each product purchased receives its own drawstring linen bag. I can also include a special handwritten note to the recipient, just let me know!

do you do custom work?

Yes! I love creating custom work for customers! Email and I will work directly with you to create the perfect piece! I am constantly receiving new leather colors so you never know what I might have special for you!